Getting started with Ace Material

Ace Material is providing a limited lifetime (Product life five years) warranty from the date of original purchase to its honorable customers. Services of Warranty claims/repairs are provided right at the customer’s doorstep within minimum time.

Complaints are entertained upon the presentation of original purchase receipts.

For further information call our Toll free number (+92) 303-2444223.

Always apply solutions of shampoo, branded washing powder diluted with water making a lot of foam for cleaning the Ace Material products. After cleaning, immediately wash with clean water and dry with a clean soft cotton cloth. Use car polish and buff to protect from unwanted stains for at least fifteen days.

To avoid color fading or de-shaping of plastic items & accessories, avoid direct contact with sunlight and close proximity to heating Instruments and/or sources of heat.

Clean your water storage tank at least once a month and install water filter on the main supply line in order to get optimum results. Overhead / Hand and Toilet shower filter require cleaning at frequent intervals. After the use of the toilet, shower shake before the hook and make sure there is no water drops in the shower.

A light application of car polish will keep the fittings shining for another eight to ten days. Use of usual Products used for cleaning like acid dilution or acid-based products i.e. Harpic Power, Harpic Jet Action, Moon, Super Flush, Brite Lotion etc. must be avoided. Even the fumes of acid are sufficient to destroy the finish of sanitary fittings. While using acid-based diluted solutions for cleaning of ceramic parts, sanitary fittings must be wrapped with polyethylene bags around them for effective protection.

Please visit our website Ace Material and get the addresses under “Contact Us”.

The hand shower is a detachable shower head that can be directed to the body by hand whereas, Overhead shower is fixed at the top with the flexibility to set the direction of the shower at an angle of your choice.

To lighten the water and producing foaming effect, all Ace mixers are equipped with a very fine and sensitive set of Aerators. Even the smallest dirt particles can gradually choke them. The filter requires cleaning at least two to three times a year. The blockage can be minimized using Ace Material’s mainline water Aerators, which are available in different mashes.

Yes, Most of the Ace Material faucet ranges are available in Youthful colours as well.

This one’s up to you, and with a bit of research, you can decide what’s right for you. While a Lever faucet offers convenient control of water volume and temperature, Full round or Quarter round faucets offers additional access, style and convenience.